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Make your first wedding dance extra special by performing with a team of professional, choreographed and costumed dancers, alongside you and your partner.

First wedding dance

Let us choreograph your first dance with backing dancers


You choose your very own special song and we will choreograph both of you, integrating the girls into a memorial performance that will thrill your guests.

Star in your very own wedding day spectacular


• Hopelessly devoted to you

• Hawaiian wedding song

• You’re the one that I want

• If you’re not the one

• Xanado

Songs performed to previously:

Browse through the two pages of costumes on the Gallery section of this site and choose whichever costumes would suit your choice of music.


You don’t have to Ballroom dance to impress everyone, this is original!


Civil Partnership.

"IMPACT"  enhance any Civil Partnership wedding - Performing alongside the happy couple for their First Dance

          See Michael and Adam's wedding video below.

Civil partnership